Davao City News

  Davao City News
Aquino sets different visits in Davao, Samal
SECURITY will be tight today, so expect some inconvenience. The reason: President Benigno C. Aquino III will be in town. The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) on Tuesday said that they will be on red alert status for the duration of the visit of President Benigno Aquino III in Davao City today, Wednesday, September 9.   [09/09/2015]

Duterte drops poll run option, decides to retire
DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally ended all speculations today, September 7, on his political plans as he announced he would not seek the position of President in the 2016 elections.   [09/07/2015]

Duterte 50-50 in running for president
GRATIFIED by the amount of people from different parts of the country who took part in the \"Run Duterte Run\" caravan Friday evening, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced a 50-50 chance of him running for the 2016 presidential elections. Duterte explained that his family is behind his hesitance to run as they are afraid of the consequences.   [08/29/2015]

Duterte 50-50 in running for president
GRATIFIED by the amount of people from different parts of the country who took part in the \"Run Duterte Run\" caravan Friday evening, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced a 50-50 chance of him running for the 2016 presidential elections. Duterte explained that his family is behind his hesitance to run as they are afraid of the consequences.   [08/29/2015]

City expects P1.6B tourist receipts
THE Davao City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) is expecting some P1.6 billion of tourists receipts will be generated from August 2014 to August 2015.   [08/25/2015]

Visit Davao bigger next year: DOT
THE Visit Davao Fun Sale (VDFS) 2016 is expected to draw more tourists to Davao Region as it offers more attractions and tour packages next year. VDFS is slated on March 25 to May 31, 2016.   [08/25/2015]

  Philippine News
Big bucks in buko juice
Ever think that the lowly buko juice could fuel a United States professional sport teams championship drive? The idea might not be that far-fetched with the increasing demand for coco water in the US and Europe as an alternative to Gatorade, according to top government officials.   [09/27/2011]

Batibot returns after 2 decades
After two decades, the well-loved 1980s children’s educational TV show “Batibot” is set to return, TV5 officials announced on Wednesday.    [10/14/2010]

Aquino slams high court
Stung by the Supreme Court order stopping his removal of a “midnight appointee” of his predecessor, President Benigno Aquino III Thursday accused the tribunal of blocking his program of reform.   [10/14/2010]

198 injured as millions joins the feast of "Black Nazarene"
PHILIPPINES - About three millions Catholic devotees on Friday flocked the streets of central Manila to join in the yearly procession of the image of the Black Nazarene, even as almost 200 of the participants sustained injuries. The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) reported that at least 198 devotees were injured, but none was life-threatening. By past noon on Friday, there were already at least 60 reported injuries, besides other emergency cases that also required medical attention. The Red Cross reported that its Emergency Rescue Units rushed a 16-year-old pregnant girl to a hospital after she fainted while waiting for the arrival of the image of the Black Nazarene at Plaza Santa Cruz, Manila. Some, according to the Red Cross, were treated for various health complaints, like difficulty in breathing, hypertension and dehydration. Almost every year, the feast is marred by accidents, injuries—even deaths. Last year, two people died, while 30 others were rushed to hospitals after either fainting or sustaining injuries during the procession that was a colorful display of Catholicism’s enduring popularity in the former Spanish colony.   [01/09/2009]

  Business News
PAL strike to affect economy, says Palace spokesman
MANILA, PhilippinesMalacaang said on Tuesday that the work stoppage mounted by employees of Philippine Airlines would have adverse effects on the countrys economy. Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, nonetheless, said the government would want to see something positive come out of the conciliation proceedings the Department of Labor and Employment has initiated between the PALs management and the union.   [09/27/2011]

Bt eggplant field testing given biosafety permit
KORONADAL CITY -- The field testing of the controversial Bacillus thuringiensis eggplant or Bt talong in North Cotabato remains pending despite the issuance of the biosafety permit for its trial, officials at the regional Department of Agriculture here said.   [03/14/2011]

Smart seeks development of mobile apps for smartphones
PASAY CITY -- Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications has encouraged its partner schools nationwide to develop applications for smartphones, as the "world of telecommunication is being transformed by the Internet."   [03/14/2011]

Grandview Tower: A story of ‘love’
ANGELES CITY -- Marinus Van Merkesteijn, an Australian national, was 38 when he first visited Philippines.   [03/10/2011]

T’nT launches low-end phone with cash card
MANILA — Talk ‘N Text yesterday launched a mobile phone starter kit targetted at the lower D and E market.   [03/10/2011]

  Sports News
Michael Vick\'s hand not broken
PHILADELPHIA -- The Eagles backed off their diagnosis of Michael Vick\'s injured hand and the star quarterback relented on his pointed criticism of NFL referees.   [09/27/2011]

MVP not giving up on Olympic basketball dream
BEIJINGOne failed mission hasnt diminished the passion of basketballs Most Valuable Patron in wanting to see the national team play in the Olympics someday. In fact, Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas president Manny V. Pangilinan takes inspiration from Smart Gilas Pilipinas best finish in over two decades in the Asian championship. The national squad of head coach Rajko Toroman failed to secure a slot in the 2012 London Olympics, finishing fourth in the recent 26th Fiba Asia Championship after losing the bronze medal tiff to South Korea on Sunday in Wuhan, China.   [09/27/2011]

Terrified make one’s rounds of defloration of record of 62 lever broken court surpasses valley wheat Ke Luoyi head get the better of – he
Time of Beijing of Sohu sports dispatch on May 3, beautiful make one’s rounds is terrified valley tounament weekday in north city of Ka Luolai accept falls next heavy curtain, luo Li of Northern Ireland player – Maikeluoyi is in finals annulus hands over the lever of 62 staff low level that achieves court record 10 lever, with capturing champion of 4 staff dominant position, this also is Maikeluoyi first victories that gain on contest of beautiful make one’s rounds.    [03/13/2011]

UST leaves another mark in Season 73: Tiger jin is athlete of the year
MANILA—A send-off befitting one of University of Santo Tomas’ prized athletes. Taekwondo jin Maria Camille Manalo, playing her last year as a Growling Tiger, bagged the Athlete of the Year award before a pool of dedicated athletes Saturday in grand closing ceremonies of the 73rd UAAP season held at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao.   [03/13/2011]

Sports Celebrations Take a Turn Toward the Dramatic
SAN DIEGO — Remember when a simple smack on the posterior or a high-five was enough? Remember when a chest bump was not a gravity-flouting expression of mutual delight but an act of defiance reserved for fiery baseball managers trying to make their point to uncooperative umpires?    [03/12/2011]

  Health News
WHO Reveals Cities With Most And Least Polluted Air
The cities with the most polluted air on the planet are in Iran, Mongolia, India, Pakistan and Botswana, while Canada and the United States have those with the least polluted air, according to figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday. The organization urges countries with high pollution rates to monitor and manage their environments and bring down the rates of premature deaths and illness.   [09/27/2011]

Molecules Work the Day Shift to Protect the Liver from Accumulating Fat
The liver normally makes and stores fat, which is required in moderation for normal body function. However, if the process goes awry, excess fat in the liver can cause major liver damage. In fact, fatty liver is a leading cause of liver failure in the United States, and is often brought on by obesity and diabetes. In turn, the increasing prevalence of these diseases has brought with it an epidemic of liver disease.   [03/13/2011]

Scientists Reveal Role of Light Sensor in Temperature Sensation
A light-sensing receptor that's packed inside the eye's photoreceptor cells has an altogether surprising role in cells elsewhere in the body, Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered. Using fruit flies, they showed that this protein, called rhodopsin, also is critical for sensing temperature.   [03/13/2011]

  Science & Technology News
Japan quake causes day to get a wee bit shorter
You won't notice it, but the day just got a tiny bit shorter because of Friday's giant earthquake off the coast of Japan.   [03/13/2011]

Engineering students design a lock picking robot
(PhysOrg.com) -- Crimes are usually committed by humans. As it turns out, we are not only making crime happen on our own, but we are designing robots to help us in our extra-legal endeavors. I don't know what the students at the Olin College of Engineering are up to in their spare time, but they have taken the time to design a robot that picks locks for them.    [03/13/2011]

Apple fans camp out for new iPad
The new iPad went on sale in the United States on Friday as Apple fans lined up in the rain outside the company's flagship New York store to be among the first to snap up the device.   [03/12/2011]

  Showbiz News
Charlie Sheen, Warner Bros. Reach a Settlement Over Two and a Half Men Dispute
Charlie Sheen, Warner Bros. Television and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre have reached a settlement over the actor\'s $100 million lawsuit against the studio, TVGuide.com has confirmed.   [09/27/2011]

Lady Gaga arrived in an egg
Talk about making an entrance. Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy Awards on Sunday in a giant pod, carried by four muscular men. We didn't expect anything less from the "Born This Way" singer, whose unique arrival suggests she was born from a translucent egg. Or not. Nicola, of the Haus of Gaga, tweeted for the pop star earlier in the night: "Gaga is in incubation." Thanks for the clarification, Nicola.   [02/15/2011]

Barbra Streisand loves Glee
Although Barbra Streisand recently made something of a jab at Fox's hit series "Glee," Lea Michele for one isn't singing the blues. The misunderstanding began on Friday, when at the Grammy's MusiCares tribute event in her honor, Streisand was asked if she would ever do a cameo on "Glee." Streisand had especially kind words for Michele, whose "Glee" alter ego, Rachel, is also obsessed with the singing legend. "As if this night at the Grammys wasn't amazing enough...waiting at the valet... Mrs Barbra Streisand came up to me," Michele tweeted.    [02/15/2011]

  Weird News
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